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Days with you are Anniversary


Awww, time flies, and today is the third year plus one day we've been together as a happy couple :D

And till the third year of our marriage, Allah still considers us a perfect family: husband and wife, with a safe and warm house. 

As a wife, I feel perfectly blessed and surrounded by the bliss on the days I spend with him. It's maybe too excessive and quite exaggerate if I say that I am the luckiest woman in the world, but yes that's just how I feel *winkwink*. 3 years, and he always treat me very well. "Oke", "Aok", "Sip", "Cip" are his template every single time I request him things to accomplish. It's including when I decide to kill my longing to study. He then becomes my sponsor of my current postgraduate study. Simple yet brings happiness :3.

And about the house chores? Of course we still do those stuffs together. Indeed he is working for our living, but still has time to keep the harmony by helping me in house, without any hesitation ;)

Then yes it's true. The days with you, Abang Priana Ashri, are our Anniversary. 

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