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About us


What or who is kupunyaaci.com?
With some considerations, finally both of us agree to use kupunyaaci.com as the url of our page. The very first reason of why we choose it is because thekupu loves butterfly, and aci doesn't have any special name in cyber world. So then we think, why don't we just mix it as one name: kupunyaaci. Which is 'kupu' represents thekupu, Dini Haiti Zulfany. Aci is the nick name of Abang Priana Ashri. Yes, Aci himself. So, kupunyaaci can be interpreted this way:

1. Aku punya Aci --> Aku is me, thekupu. Aku 'mempunyai' Aci. I have Aci. Aci belongs to me. Yeah, after ijab kabul, surely he will be mine, my husband.

2. Kupunya Aci --> Kupukupu punya Aci. I belong to Aci. Aci has thekupu.

So, we hope that, this url will be such a hope and pray for us to always belong together :)

Who is the person who responsible for this page?
Of course, both of us. He is responsible for the design of this page, and I handle the content.

When was our first time knowing each other?
We don't really remember when was exactly we know each other. But I still remember that the first time I know him was from Facebook. Purely I just know him as one of facebook users, not more, of course. So, that's one of the reason why we would like to have this wedding page: Because we first know each other from cyber.

So, how come both of us can be?
The story of why we then can go to akad nikah and walimah is in our Murobbi's file ;)

When did Aci propose thekupu?
He proposed me with his family at July 16, 2010. Such a wonderful accelerated birthday gift!

When and where are we gonna get married?
As you can read in our wedding invitation, we are going to get married on February 6, 2011 at Rumah Melayu Kalimantan Barat.

What do our hope for our marriage?
We don't want to sound like the end of fairy tale, actually. But we believe that all marriage couple really want to have what the fairy tale says as 'Happily Ever After' in the end of the life. So do we, then. We also really hope to keep being istiqomah in dakwah after marriage. The last but not least, as you all wish: Sakinah Mawaddah Warrahmah Barokah, exactly :)

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